Eva Moskowitz: Reforming the Educational System In New York Area

Eva Moskowitz is a former city council member that chaired the education committee from 1999-2005. During her tenure, she discovered that there was an educational crisis in New York City where approximately 143,000 children were trapped in severely failing schools that had no system put in place to end the crisis. According to Eva, the only option for many parents was a high-quality public charter facility. This prompted Eva Moskowitz to establish Success Academy in Harlem, NY in 2006.


According to Moskowitz, kids require skilled educators as well as a robust curriculum to succeed academically. Moreover, such kids need to be confident in their ability to succeed. Eva Moskowitz is committed to transforming the educational landscape in New York City. For this reason, Success Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that has important subjects like Maths, English, Science, Chess, Arts, and Sports. Additionally, the schools have highly skilled teachers that work in close cooperation with other stakeholders to ensure the educational success of the children. Since the inception of Success Academy, many parents have responded, and presently, it has over 41 schools serving nearly 11,000 children. Moreover, the school is among the country’s notable charter school network with many kids excelling in Maths and English examinations beating the rest of the schools in the state by a huge margin.


According to Moskowitz, some of the techniques promoted at Success Academy include handling inappropriate behavior by students. Additionally, the charter school has in place a no-hitting-back rule that seeks to minimize fights between children.


We can label Eva as a leader in education because she has managed to offer low-income families the option of their children attending the best charter schools and acquiring top academic success. In 2016, Eva Moskowitz was awarded the Saves Award for Public Private Partnerships by the Reason Foundation because of her contribution in transforming the education setting.