Avi Weisfogel, Pioneer in Dental Sleep Medicine

Avi Weisfogel is the founder of Dental Sleep Masters, a company based in New Jersey that specializes in sleep appliances and prescriptions for treating sleep disorders. With vast experience and background in sleep abnormalities like apnea, Dr. Weisfogel has extensively researched for many years on how sleep physicians and dentists can combine their two fields to aid patient suffering from sleep disorders. He has a bachelor’s degree in Biology and Psychology from Rutgers University and a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from College of Dentistry, New York University. Dr. Weisfogel ofpened up his own dental clinic, Old Dental Bridge Care in 1999 and worked for over ten years and in this time earned recognition for his work in the clinic.

In 2010, Avi Weisfogel founded a program called Healthy Heart Sleep, which brought together dentists, physicians and other interested parties around the world on a single platform to discuss research methodologies and approaches to explore treatment and sampling of sleep disorders. Dr. Weisfogel started a business initiative called Dental Sleep Masters whose primary purpose is to manufacture sleep appliances and oral prescriptions to help in the treatment of sleep disorders.

After the success of Healthy Heart Sleep, he opened up another foundation, Owner Unlimited Sleep Patient to lecture professionals in dentistry on how to serve patients with sleep disorders. Dental Sleep Masters was established in 2014 as a business venture to create oral appliances and prescriptions to help in the treatment of sleep disorders like sleep apnea which is a condition that causes patients to stop breathing regularly in their sleep and it’s caused by persistent sleep deprivation or lack of enough sleep which is about 7-9 hours daily. He went ahead and founded another program known as Dental Sleep Masters that researched on tailoring gadgets to be used while sleeping by people suffering from sleep disorders.

Dr. Weisfogel has used his ample knowledge of sleep apnea to teach other dentists how to recognize patients with sleep apnea and to administer the right treatment. The dental sleep masters continues to treat patients as it looks to reach more participant physicians, dentists and patients with its unique way of providing healthcare sleep medicine.

Has EOS LipBalms Replaced Chapstick & Others

Chapstick and other prominent names such as Burt’s Bees and Blistex have been a staple in society for over 100 years. These three brands has made the oral care industry into what it is today no doubt about it. Unfortunately these brands aren’t necessarily giving you the health benefits that they’re advertised for. Many of today’s lip balms have chemical additives within their formulas and it’s these additives that are prohibiting the full health benefits. They may help heal tired sore lips, but not enough in sufficient time. Long term use can result in dry cracked lips because the ingredients are actually synthetic in nature. This is where Evolution of Smooth comes into the frame and it has begun a new revolution in oral care.

Evolution of Smooth (aka) EOS lip balm is 95% organic. Many it’s healthy ingredients come straight from mother nature herself. Jojoba Oil, Antioxidants, Vitamins, and Shea Butter are just to name a few. These ingredients are synergistic when combined and provides the fastest healing times of any other brand. The products also glides on smooth, are long lasting, touch proof, kiss proof, and can be removed easy. No other brand including Chapstick doesn’t give the user this many benefits. Evolution of Smooth is projected to be worth over a billion dollars by the year 2020. It currently sells around 1 million cylindrical spheres every week as well. The products are often seen on the shelves of Walmart and Target. Online stores Amazon and eBay have EOS too!

The Lip Balm Sector of business has never seen such greatness and with it’s strategic marketing, EOS has strong online presence. There are thousands of followers on the brands social media accounts and with that type of presence, the sky is the limit for this one time, unknown brand.