Scott Rocklage: Healthcare Management Expert, Strategist, and Founding Partner of 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage is fascinated by mutations of human genes. He pursues the genetic structures to come up with appropriate drugs to counter the disease-causing genotypes. Dr. Scott specializes in treatment of cancer because he finds saving lives an exciting profession. Scott Rocklage established his line of career early in life and was consistent hence his current position in the medical industry. He studied Bachelors of Science in Chemistry at the University of California. He also holds a Doctorate in Chemistry from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. According to the Boston based expert in gene mutation and medicine, life science is the primary aspect of his career and business.

Scott is the Managing Partner of 5AM Ventures, a position he has served since 2004. After joining the capital firm in 2003, Scott was committed to innovation and research with regards to cancer treatment. His impeccable skills and unique perspective of genotypes as an approach to cancer treatment led to his recognition among colleagues in the company hence the managing partner position. According to the renowned innovator in the medical field, researching new areas of life science and strategies for better company management dominate his days at work. Although he is at the management level, he believes in setting his boot on the ground and getting results.

Scott attributes his achievements and advancement in the industry to his wide networks. Apart from research laboratories and libraries, Scott’s day is mostly spent in meetings with experts in entrepreneurship, science, and medicine to integrate their ideas in solving various medical needs. According to Scott, discipline and focus is all it takes to achieve. He mentions proper time management, effective planning and prioritizing tasks as keys to his success and the company at large. Besides, Dr. Scott points out the significance of human resource management in an organization. Hiring is a critical stage for start-up companies; the ability of employees to effectively work as a team and accomplish individual tasks as per required standards determines failure or success of a business enterprise.

Dr. Scott believes entrepreneurship is the ultimate to a secure and satisfactory life. He points out that only risk-taking builds confidence and experience for an entrepreneur hence control of desired future. Although he acknowledges challenges in the life science field and business industry, he believes in focusing on individual strengths rather than weaknesses. Dr. Scott Rocklage sits on Board of Directors of Pulmatrix and Epirus. He has also featured in over 100 publications.


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