Elysium Health and Basis: Support Your Health

With all the information out there, it can be difficult to know what products you should put your money behind. This is particularly difficult in the health sector, where your choices can not only affect your bank account, but your overall wellness. Yet, amidst all the options, some companies are rising to the top, backed by credible research and ethical missions. One such company is Elysium Health.

Elysium Health is a modern company leading scientific breakthroughs that directly and positively affects the life of the ordinary citizen. Thanks to its innovation and thorough research, this company has been able to come up with a daily supplement product called Basis, which serves to promote health at the cellular level.

Elysium Health was founded by Dr. Leonard Guarente, the renowned Director at MIT’s Glenn Laboratory for the Science of Aging. Despite being in the industry for less than a decade—as Elysium Health was founded in 2014—the progress made by Elysium Health is quite visible. Combining its excellent service with quality products, Elysium Health has been trying to help people live healthier lives. Basis is their one product so far. So, what is Basis?

Basis is an everyday supplement product manufactured by Elysium Health, based on 25 years of aging research. Basis has been proven clinically to increase and sustain gradually decreasing NAD+ levels. Basis is very important and resourceful, as it supports DNA maintenance, circadian rhythms, supports biological processes, and energy creation in the body.

A lot of people are fond of this product. In addition to Basis being effective, people are confident about the supplement, as it is known that Elysium Health works directly with qualified and experienced clinicians, researchers, and scientists to manufacture their products, as well as putting Basis through a clinical trial. Many of the researchers that work with Elysium Health come from Oxford, Harvard, and Cambridge. The other point that makes Elysium Health’s Basis product desirable to most individuals on the market is the fact that, despite the company being a supplement company, it manufactures its product under strict manufacturing procedures to guarantee quality.

If you are considering the Basis supplement, you are miles away from enjoying its rewards. To get there, choose from the three subscription plans and settle on one that is the most favorable option according to your budget. These packages include a six months plan of $270, a continuous monthly plan of $50, and lastly a one-time subscription of $60.