Putting the Pieces Together: Robert Thikoll

Robert Thikoll is the is the Vice President and of Beckman Coulter. He is also the Vice President of Global Operations for a company called Beckman Coulter. He has helped revolutionize the way that machines and robots can help not only laboratory workers on genome sequencing but also the agricultural field when it comes to harvesting food.

Robert Thikoll has an impressive education as well. He has a degree in Political Science in Japanese and Asian Studies from Arizona State University. He also has a Bachelor’s degree in Japanese Language and Literature from Nanzen University. This is quite an impressive feat. In a video made for Beckman Coulter Life Science Christian Hansen lab worker, Martin Abel-Kistrup shows us the challenges of working on a genetic sequence and how Beckman Coulter has made the problem much easier to solve.

Martin works primarily on cultures for the dairy industry. Going through the genetic sequence used to take him a long time to do but now with the help of Beckman Coulter, the process is much easier for him to tackle. Genetic sequencing for the dairy industry used to take him a couple of weeks to figure out. Now he can complete many sequences in a few days time. It makes the flow of work much easier for him and his staff.

Technology has come a long way in a short amount of time. With the help of Beckman Coulter and other companies in the field problems can be solved quickly.

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