Meet Jason Hope the man who has contributed to humankind on different grounds

As a skilled futurist, Jason Hope who has a clear understanding knows watching the technology trend and can predict its future. Through the Internet of Things, many devices have embraced this technology and Hope predicts that the future society will be very different since many devices will be connected through the technology. Through this observation, Hope advice individuals and businesses on how to keep updated on the same for their future benefits. In the global economy, the Internet of Things is one of the fastest growing initiatives, and that is the reason many companies are interested. One of the fields to bank on the Internet of Things trend is Silicon Labs. This is a company involved in the development of Integrated Circuits. The company’s products in the Internet of Things segment include home automation technologies and voice-enabled remote controls found in home entertainment systems.

Jason Hope gives another example as Cisco Company which invested over $1 billion in purchasing Jasper Technologies. This is an Internet of Things that helps companies connect everything on the web. Chuck Robbins, the Cisco CEO admits that since the company bought Jasper, it has made tremendous improvement far as the connectivity, reliability and the security of the company is concerned. Hope adds that Internet of Things will change the look of thing in near future. He says that the change noticed on the internet browsers from day to day is brought about by the Internet of Things. It also has an impact on driving technology. Internet of Things will have impact in almost all the facets of our daily life. From the little tasks we do at home such preparing breakfast, switching on lights, Internet of Things is coming to help us do all these, and more information click here.

Hope has made a tremendous change in technology from desktop software, gaming software and devices to developing mobile Apps which are aimed at improving human living conditions and is looking forward to studying and use technology more. Apart from his interest in technology, Hope is also a philanthropist. He has worked with many educational support programs and disease prevention organizations. Some include Teach for America and the Arizona Science Center, the T Gen Foundation, the Tony Hawk Foundation and Boys & Girls Club of Metropolitan Phoenix. Others are Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Desert Mountain States Chapter, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, True Colors Fund, the Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation, Teach for America and the Arizona Science Center, Family Health International and the Andre Agassi Foundation.