Avaaz Will Raise Our Voices

The internet has been changing the way we communicate on the globe and the only way to keep up is to be a part of the game. Avaaz is doing that and this social media online activist network is helping to facilitate change. Avaaz means voice and this organization which was started in 2007 is the voice of the globe. Affecting things like climate change across the globe is just one of the issues Avaaz feels passionate about. Averse understands the ability of the internet and social media to bring people together from all walks of life and they want to give these people the voice and the power to make change and more information click here.

Avaaz is member driven, no issue comes from anywhere other than it’s members. The staff of Avaaz works for the public on issues that need attention. Because of Avaas the People’s Climate March was the largest mobilization for climate change with 1.5 million people participating. This told the worlds leader that this voice of the people needed to be listened to. With funding and working with other organizations and governments Avaaz wanted to make this experience for climate change to be on the forefront and for the use of fossil fuels to stop. They are the thread in joining together the pieces of a quilt that together make one united piece and contact their.

Avaaz will fight for civic changes, animal rights, human rights, and anything else the masses see as an injustice. A force to be taken seriously this is an organization that is helping to make the world a united front and one that with their attention and hard work will stand hand in hand to show who really makes the decisions for the greater good of the planet and the people living on it and learn more about Avaaz.

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