Doe Deere, Cosmetic Professional, Saves LA Strays

Doe Deere, successful make up creator of the Lime Crime brand, marketing professional, and technology expert talked candidly with Savior Laflare about the keys to success. More importantly, her new Purr palette with 5 rich buttery colors designed to relieve the stray/homeless LA pet population. A portion of the proceeds of all Purr products will go towards socializing, placing, and litter training these cats through a local charity foundation ( As an adamant animal lover, Deere insists, her products always have, and will be cruelty-free, and never tested on animals. Deere is responsible for saving hundreds of desperate animals on the LA area.


Deere had a successful stunt at being an entrepreneur at the early age of thirteen. In her native Russia, she understood the value of having products her friends would love, and could actually use. She adored temporary tattoos, and by wearing them, she popularized them among her friends. It wasn’t long before she was marketing them to her friends. She knew then she wanted to be an entrepreneur, but would later discover her niche was intricate colors. It was also important for Deere to recognize the people who attended her events, and purchased her products because their time was just as valuable to her than their money.


If you saw Doe Deere, you wouldn’t believe the unapologhetically beautiful young woman is the face behind the popular Lime Crime brand. She understand the important of being the flame behind her craft says, Savior beauty magazine online. Her peers didn’t consider her ideas of colors as a marketable idea. When in fact, thousands of young adults, celebrities, and beauty professionals have found their unique idea with the aid of her colors. Her idea is to empower girls, and guys around the world to be unique, and find solice in colors.


Deere was one of the first cosmetic designers to decide to use the super-foil base for her cosmetics. It turned out to be a great risk, and it bad off with millions of products sold. Deere says, taking risks is a part of being successful in business. She also says, expand on your craft to keep your customers introduced to different facets of your talent. For example, her new Unicorn hair dye collection, and Pocket Polly Palette is an expansion from her Lime Crime brand, and haven’t had a problem standing out on their own as Like Crime branded products.


Lime Crime offers a rich line of eye-shadow, and lipstick products with trendy colors. Deere, didn’t fail to disappoint her customers with cool colors like Beet It, and Radical Metallic. Her cosmetics are designed to bring out your best features, increase your mood, enhance your appearance, complement a new hairdo, or outfit. She says, none of this would have been possible if, she hadn’t decided to get her certification from design school. Deere says, education was a very important part of her success. Her products are completely hypoallergenic, and remain safe for all skin types including sensitive skin types.


Kate Hudson Makes Great Plans for Fabletics to Grow

Fabletics is a very interesting brand of athletic clothing. This company has definitely become one that people are interested in knowing more about. It has become the brand of athletic clothing that has made it easier for people to workout and still remain comfortable while they’re doing it. This is not something that many people have the ability to do, but there is a level of comfort that Kate Hudson needs to have when she is working out. She has made it possible to build a brand that she would patronize herself, and that is how she knew that she was onto something good.


Kate Hudson is on the front line with the promotion of Fabletics, but there are two other partners that are working in the background. These are partners Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg.


Kate has made lots of interesting solo decisions when it comes to the way that she has been conducting business. She always manages to stay several steps ahead of the competition, and this is all part of her strategy. The planning process of leading a company like this is a big task. Hudson has improved Fabletics and now it is a company that is experiencing a large amount of growth. This is a company that never stays the same and the fact that the brand is evolving is the thing that makes people interested in this brand.


Hudson is someone that has realized over and over again that it pays to have a plan for expansion regardless of what you are doing. She has never put herself in a place where she is stuck with one idea or concept. Even with the clothing line that she created she continued to expand upon this and give it a whole new look over and over again. This has been her plan for success, and it has worked very well over the years.


People that are looking at the work that Kate Hudson is doing cannot help but to be amazed at all of her progress. She has become the powerful business woman that is taking the world by storm. Her dominance in the retail clothing industry is only getting strong. She is putting her mind towards a company that will grow and expand over the years. Her hard work is evidence of her dedication to her craft. She is taking a giant leap forward with Fabletics.

Desiree Perez Has The Music Industry in Her Blood and Charisma in Her Soul

The entertainment, and global music industry has grown to massive proportions. The industry is competitive, and most of the roles in leadership are filled by men. One exception is a talented entrepreneur named Desiree Perez. She has become an integral part of the industry, and her long-standing role in the career of Jay Z has placed her in the spotlight. Her influence within the industry has developed talent, increased profits, and maneuvered boardrooms.

Desiree Perez has high-stake negotiations in her blood. Her confidence level is high, her charisma is captivating, and her attitude assures she can handle any businesses opportunities she chooses. She had negotiated deals worth $25 million, influenced talented performers, and provided critical guidance in business, and financial dealings. Her career continues to soar, and her participation with Roc Nation led to a $150 million deal and his Twitter.

Desiree Perez’s husband stands at the head of Roc Nation Sports. She negotiates contracts, and the management of sports celebrities. These contracts are referred to as blood sports in the industry, but Desiree Perez is more than up to the challenge. The reputation she has of being an incredibly touch negotiator has been earned. Most women are unable to establish a career of this magnitude in an industry run by mostly men. Her acheivements come from hard work, a lot of hustling, intelligence, grit, and an understanding of the industry and more information click here.

Desiree Perez did not climb to the top with ease, she had to fight for every milestone she reached. She continues to grow, become shrewder, tougher, and smarter. Somehow, she has retained her compassion, and many believe this is due to the kindness of her heart. Although she is often seen with celebrities, she does not consider herself to be among their ranks. She simply does what others, and herself expect of her with style, aggressiveness, and success and what Des Perez knows.

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