Kim Dao Spends a Day in Tokyo Playing Pokemon Go


Kim Dao starts by announcing that Pokemon Go has finally been released in Japan the morning she took the video and she will be going out to various locations in Tokyo to play Pokemon Go. Kim starts in Harajuku playing Pokemon Go and comments on how there are so many Pokestops in Japan. Kim notices a sale in a shopping center where she finds even more Pokestops. Kim catches more Pokemon and hatches an egg in Pokemon Go while walking around the shopping center. Later on, she comments that she ran into other people playing Pokemon Go who wanted to chat with her. Kim states that she is the most obvious person playing Pokemon Go because of the Pikachu doll on her shoulder ( Kim ends up getting lost for the first time due to chasing Pokemon. After reorienting herself, she points out that her phone has 11% battery and needs to charge. Kim uses a battery charger that attaches to the back of her phone that she brought and goes to grab lunch at McDonald’s. After lunch, she heads to Shibuya and then to Akihabara, the land of anime, where she continues to catch Pokemon. She states that everyone in Japan is playing Pokemon Go and after stopping at another Mcdonald’s to sit down and play, the app crashes and the Pokemon Go servers in Japan go down because of everyone playing. After dinner in Harajuku, Pokemon Go is working again, so Kim decides to walk home. Since it is chilly, she buys a jacket for about fifteen dollars on sale. After getting lost and catching more Pokemon Kim makes it back home where she says she has walked over 30 thousand steps that day which is well over 20 kilometers. Learn more:


Rick Smith Makes Securus and Prison Life Better

Rick Smith took over Securus as the CEO in 2008. He has brought a lot of changes to the company and has been able to help people get the support that they need depending on the prisons that they are a part of. Rick Smith wanted to make sure that Securus was a good company and that it was able to perform as well as the other companies that he had been a part of in the past. Rick Smith worked with a similar company from 1998 until he started with Securus and he helped the company to be better than what they were in the past. He used that experience and everything that he had learned working for them to make Securus better than what it was before so that the administration of prisons around the country would have the support that they need. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

For administration, it can be hard to get the support that is necessary within the prison system. The administration has to do everything from managing the prison to disciplinary hearings and even budgeting for the prison. They must make a lot of tough choices and having to decide how many packets of instant noodle soup they need to order can make it hard for the prison to be able to get what they need out of the options that they have. Securus takes the hard work out of that process and helps prisons through the management of their commissary systems. They do this in addition to all of the other options that they provide to the prisons.

Rick Smith has a background in engineering that he was a part of before he started working for prison-based companies. He used this background to help develop and design the kiosks that can now be used in the prisons. He wanted to make sure that everything would be simple for the companies and that the prisons would get what they needed. He included everything in the kiosks from booking to the commissary and even setting up prisoner email systems. By doing this, Rick Smith set Securus up for a lot of success in the future.

As the company has grown, Rick Smith has been able to do more and try more with all of the options that they have. He wants to add more to the kiosks and offer more support to the people who are running the prisons. Rick Smith Securus is able to recognize how difficult it can be to get the help that the administration needs and he does everything that he can to encourage all of the changes to the prison to make it an easier, safer and better place for everyone who is involved with it. Read more at about Rick Smith Securus.