Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofsky Helps Fight Against the Cancer Battle

In a joint venture by current Tempus CEO Eric Lefkofsky and the University of Chicago, the study and research of breast cancer will receive valuable data enabling further research. The University of Chicago Medicine proudly reported that the partnership will facilitate the smooth transfer of data related to topics such as molecular sequencing and analysis.

Before the use of such important data was available, doctors were probably making decisions and prognosis without added help of patient data. Tempus has the ability to analyze this data and report the findings to “help doctors and researchers.” What Tempus does is automate the process of communication by speeding data exchange by “machine learning and genomic sequencing” as reported Jim Dalke, Associate Editor of an online data technology reporting site focused on Chicago-centric news and what Eric knows.

Tempus is an information technology based company that is credited with such industry innovations such as the creation of a digital operating system specifically used in cancer treatment and research. The founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is also the founder of Lightbank, and the insanely popular lifestyle discount app Groupon. Lefkofsky is highly involved in the Chicago community that he proudly calls home, not only are most of Lefkofsky’s companies and affiliations located there- Lefkofsky is proud to donate his time to his community. Lefkofsky puts in overtime serving as an adjunct professor at University of Chicago and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a Chicago theater company. The University of Michigan alum received a Juris Doctor degree after finishing completing the bachelor’s program and more information click here.

The collaboration with Tempus, also located in Chicago, is just the beginning of the journey of Tempus. Determined to make a contribution to society, the Tempus network stretches to a variety of locations in need of cancer funding. The Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, Rush University Medical Center and the University of Michigan are all places that will incorporate the use of Tempus data.