End Citizen United Donates Millions Ahead of 2018 Congress Elections

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Citizen United against the Federal Election Commission. The end of the case marked the beginning of a new era in politics for Americans. In a quest to chuck out a lot of money from politics, the End Citizens United collected more than $4 million in three months. This happened in 2017. The political organization is looking forward to contributing over $35 million within the coming year, dated 2018. The money would be relatively significant given that usually, End Citizens United spent over $25 million in the just concluded presidential elections in 2016. This election was their first general election since the commencement of operation.


Tiffany Muller

According to Tiffany Muller president of End Citizen United, more than 100, 000 have currently donated towards the good cause of ending corruption by building End Citizen United. In 2017, approximately 40,000 people made their first contribution. The organization commits to making sure that the head of the campaigns is great cheerleaders of finance reforms. Those are the candidates End Citizen United is committed to electing at a Congress level. For years, members of the organization have felt abandoned with most of them holding the opinion that the rich and wealthy citizens have more influence in the United States politics. The organization is therefore committed to raising more money and developing policies geared at fighting the injustice via the congress elections. The elections are scheduled for 2018.



End Citizen United is a great supporter of Democrats. The team has an opinion that President Trump and his government undermine them. Recently, End Citizen United promoted the mobilization of contributors towards donating to Jon Ossoff’s Democratic campaign. Hailing from Georgia, Ossoff is a first-time candidate who raised more than $4 million towards the April elections. Ossoff will be filling the position of Tom Prince, former secretary of health and human services. According to Muller the president of End Citizen United, there should be careful monitoring of the trends in politics following the coming 2018 elections.



The donors for End Citizen United can contribute approximately $5,000 towards the elections. Although there is a limit for contribution, the PAC collected a relatively massive amount. This had a positive impact towards the 2016 general elections. End Citizen United additionally participates in various events other than being in support of Democratic candidates. When Betsy DeVos was being confirmed for the secretary of education position, the PAC merged with different political groups from the Republican to urge the Senate not to vote for Betsy. As a result, there was a tie with the vice president left with the decision to break it. Betsy was then appointed the secretary of education.