Eva Moskowitz: Reforming the Educational System In New York Area

Eva Moskowitz is a former city council member that chaired the education committee from 1999-2005. During her tenure, she discovered that there was an educational crisis in New York City where approximately 143,000 children were trapped in severely failing schools that had no system put in place to end the crisis. According to Eva, the only option for many parents was a high-quality public charter facility. This prompted Eva Moskowitz to establish Success Academy in Harlem, NY in 2006.


According to Moskowitz, kids require skilled educators as well as a robust curriculum to succeed academically. Moreover, such kids need to be confident in their ability to succeed. Eva Moskowitz is committed to transforming the educational landscape in New York City. For this reason, Success Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum that has important subjects like Maths, English, Science, Chess, Arts, and Sports. Additionally, the schools have highly skilled teachers that work in close cooperation with other stakeholders to ensure the educational success of the children. Since the inception of Success Academy, many parents have responded, and presently, it has over 41 schools serving nearly 11,000 children. Moreover, the school is among the country’s notable charter school network with many kids excelling in Maths and English examinations beating the rest of the schools in the state by a huge margin.


According to Moskowitz, some of the techniques promoted at Success Academy include handling inappropriate behavior by students. Additionally, the charter school has in place a no-hitting-back rule that seeks to minimize fights between children.


We can label Eva as a leader in education because she has managed to offer low-income families the option of their children attending the best charter schools and acquiring top academic success. In 2016, Eva Moskowitz was awarded the Saves Award for Public Private Partnerships by the Reason Foundation because of her contribution in transforming the education setting.



What Do You Know About Mr. Vijay Eswaran And His QI Group of Companies?

Mr. Vijay Eswaran uses his business skills to form the Qi Group. He is the founder of this company. He is the bestselling author and a highly successful businessman. He is an accomplished philanthropist and a very motivational speaker. His lectures range on a wide variety of topics, and he teaches throughout the world.

Mr. Vijay Eswaran has developed two foundations that are functional in different fields like women empowerment, education and empowerment of youth all around the world. His efforts are recognized all over the world. He got listed in Forbes magazine in the annual list of Heroes of Philanthropy, and this was in the year 2011.

He was presented with the lifetime achievement award in local philanthropy by the Asian Strategic Leadership Institute in Malaysia. The icon of QI Group is Mahatma Gandhi. The teachings of Gandhi are care, service, and integrity and these are the basis of QI group’s leadership. It gives them purpose and acts as a guide for all the things they do as a firm. The teachings of Gandhi assist them in everything. Learn more about Vijay Eswaran: http://philanthropies.org/vijay-eswaran-2/

People are the real assets in the QI group. They are highly devoted and caring. They serve the customers with zeal and enthusiasm and also with utmost dedication and respect. They are very trustworthy and reliable in all the aspects, and this is the main thing in the QI Group.

The founders of the QI Group have facilitated them with a mission and a compelling vision that has eventually led to its expansion and development. It has become multinational company today. Mr. Vijay Eswaran adopts a varied management style that has provided the QI Group a unique balance. Read more: Five Minutes With Dr. Vijay Eswaran, Executive Chairman, QI Group

The firm has got a 15 story tower in Malaysia. QI Group has got two foundations to carry on its charity all over the world. One is the Rhythm Foundation, and the other is the Vijayaratnam Foundation founded by Mr. Vjay Eswaran.

QI Group has made the immense contribution to the community all over the world and is recognized by the Hong Kong council of social services. QI Group has got a green company policy in all its world offices that stress on saving energy and to be paperless.

Fulfilling Dreams is Bob Reina’s Business

Bob Reina has made a very respectable business. His business involves helping others fulfill his dreams. This is one of the purposes behind Talk Fusion. He has thought about the needs of the entrepreneur. In order for an entrepreneur to succeed, he needs to be able to successfully market his company. This is very easily done with the Talk Fusion app. Given that Bob Reina is a philanthropist for entrepreneurs, he has made sure that he has built his business around the success of his customers. The best part is that his company has gotten a lot of good reviews.


Bob Reina has also gained a lot of confidence in his Talk Fusion app. This has inspired him to run a promotion where people get to try the product for free. People get a 30 day trial to see what they can do with it. Bob encourages people to look to examples of successful entrepreneurs who has used this product in order to see how this product works for them. This will take care of a large part of the trial and error stage. Afterwards, they will get to enjoy all of the benefits of using Talk Fusion for their marketing campaigns (http://www.superbcrew.com/talk-fusion-delivers-award-winning-video-communication-products-and-video-marketing-solutions/).


One thing that has fueled Bob Reina is belief in what he is doing. He has experienced times when his bill has outweighed his commissions. However, this did not discourage him. One thing that he did not want is mediocrity. He took the time to work as hard as he can to bring about the results he wanted. He understood that a lot of good things require a lot of patience, work and time in order for it to get to a level of profit. Bob Reina wanted freedom and the unlimited ability to share his success with others.


Groupon Founder Eric Lefkofsky Helps Fight Against the Cancer Battle

In a joint venture by current Tempus CEO Eric Lefkofsky and the University of Chicago, the study and research of breast cancer will receive valuable data enabling further research. The University of Chicago Medicine proudly reported that the partnership will facilitate the smooth transfer of data related to topics such as molecular sequencing and analysis.

Before the use of such important data was available, doctors were probably making decisions and prognosis without added help of patient data. Tempus has the ability to analyze this data and report the findings to “help doctors and researchers.” What Tempus does is automate the process of communication by speeding data exchange by “machine learning and genomic sequencing” as reported Jim Dalke, Associate Editor of an online data technology reporting site focused on Chicago-centric news and what Eric knows.

Tempus is an information technology based company that is credited with such industry innovations such as the creation of a digital operating system specifically used in cancer treatment and research. The founder of Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky is also the founder of Lightbank, and the insanely popular lifestyle discount app Groupon. Lefkofsky is highly involved in the Chicago community that he proudly calls home, not only are most of Lefkofsky’s companies and affiliations located there- Lefkofsky is proud to donate his time to his community. Lefkofsky puts in overtime serving as an adjunct professor at University of Chicago and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of a Chicago theater company. The University of Michigan alum received a Juris Doctor degree after finishing completing the bachelor’s program and more information click here.

The collaboration with Tempus, also located in Chicago, is just the beginning of the journey of Tempus. Determined to make a contribution to society, the Tempus network stretches to a variety of locations in need of cancer funding. The Mayo Clinic, Penn Medicine, Rush University Medical Center and the University of Michigan are all places that will incorporate the use of Tempus data.

Troy McQuagge Scoops the 2016 One Planet Business and Professional Excellence Award

Early January 2017, Troy McQuagge, the CEO of USHealth Group, formerly known as Ascent Assurance was named as the CEO of the year and emerged as the gold winner in the One Planet Awards. The One Planet Awards is an international platform that honors professional excellence in the global industries. It means that different organizations from every corner of the world is free to submit nominations ranging from private and public sectors, startups and large companies, and profit and non-profit establishments. The awards program also acknowledges marketing, new products and corporate communications. In his statement, Troy expressed his regard to the entire company, saying that the award belonged to the USHEALTH Group and was a testament that everyone was committed to solving the health care affordability problem through innovative coverage and read full article.

Who is Troy McQuagge?

Known for his unbridled passion for better quality of life, Troy McQuagge is the CEO and president of the USHEALTH Group, a company that is fully involved in selling insurance plans. He is a corporate executive from Panama City Florida and received his education from the University of Central Florida. Currently, he resides in Texas, the home of US Heath Advisors. His 30 years’ experience in health insurance sales has greatly sharpened his business acumen, strengthened his leadership skills, and made him a profitable resource.

Troy joined USHealth Advisors, the sales subsidiary of USHEALTH Group in 2010 as president, and managed the profitability of health insurance sales. In 2016, Troy had a flow of awards, with the first one being the ‘CEO of the Year’ from CEO World Awards. The company also won ‘Company of the Year Insurance’ and ‘Fields Sale Team of the Year’. Over the year, Troy not only volunteered his services by giving insurance coverage and products to clients, but also donated to many charities in 2016, proving that people are his business. During his tenure, USHEALTH has registered extraordinary success and profitability in the highly competitive health insurance market.

Being an insurance holding company, USHEALTH focuses on offering high-profile customer services in every aspect of its operations. Its products include dental and fixed indemnity medical insurance, providing coverage for critical illnesses and income protection solutions and Troy on Facebook.


Sam Tabar Provides Businesses with Opportunities for Success

Success is a huge part of any business and Sam Tabar knows that businesses will not last if they are not successful. He enjoys seeing the businesses that he works with flourish and, for that reason, does everything that he can to provide them with the opportunities that they need to succeed no matter what type of business they are or what they are doing to make money before he comes along. Read more: Archived: Sam Tabar Has Become Awearable Apparel’s New Chief Financial Officer

Tabar does what he can to show the businesses what they are able to do. Not only will he work with businesses to give them the options that they need but he will also show them how to create their own success so that they do not have to rely on him for the rest of their business to be able to function. It is something that has allowed him to make great decisions and provide opportunities for people around the world.

According to Angel.co, one of the best things that Sam Tabar is able to provide businesses with is a map to success. This is not a real map but it does show businesses what they can do and the steps that they can take to get where they want to be.

Whether that means that they are going to have thousands of customers or millions of dollars, Tabar is able to outline a plan that will get them where they want to be. All the business owners have to do is follow the steps that will get them to that point.

For Sam Tabar, this is a part of the job that he has always wanted to do. He started out wanting to be a consultant and chose that as something that he was going to make work for the business that he was in.

He went to law school so that he could learn the legalities of different consulting options but he knew that business was where he wanted to be able to go for the long term. It allowed him the chance at making things work for him and for the businesses that he was a major part of.

Learn more about Sam Tabar: https://www.realtor.ca/RealtorDetails.aspx?IndividualId=1522541

How EOS managed to beat industry veterans such as chapstick to become the best in the lip care industry

There was a time when the only option that was available in lip care was chapstick. When people went to shop for lip balm, the only thing they would be looking for as a little different fragrance and maybe a few cents off the price. Not many people were prepared for the transformation that happened when EOS lip balm entered the market. Within the time that they have been operational, they have managed to gather a following that is almost religious and transform everything that was previously trusted in the business.

The journey to the top was not as easy as many people think. The first challenge that the team mandated with making the change was getting people out of the cocoon of the tube of chapstick. The thought that came to mind was the round orbs that smelled lovely, looked exquisite and made the most amazing sound when being closed after use.

Then, there was the challenge of marketing the new products. The people in charge of the management went to look for stores where they could have their products stocked. Walgreens was the first store that accepted their products. This was followed by Walmart when they realized that the products were flying off the shelves. But it was more than pure coincidence that their products gained such a huge following. The marketing department knew that to make any tangible change, they would have to bring the millenials on board. They used celebrities such as Demi Lovato, Nina Dobrev, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and even Christina Aguilera in the process.

Through the journey to the success the company has enjoyed, the two co-founders have always found an opportunity in every new challenge and this is partly why the success has been so resounding. For more info, visit evolutionofsmooth.com.


End Citizen United Donates Millions Ahead of 2018 Congress Elections

In 2010, the Supreme Court ruled in the case of Citizen United against the Federal Election Commission. The end of the case marked the beginning of a new era in politics for Americans. In a quest to chuck out a lot of money from politics, the End Citizens United collected more than $4 million in three months. This happened in 2017. The political organization is looking forward to contributing over $35 million within the coming year, dated 2018. The money would be relatively significant given that usually, End Citizens United spent over $25 million in the just concluded presidential elections in 2016. This election was their first general election since the commencement of operation.


Tiffany Muller

According to Tiffany Muller president of End Citizen United, more than 100, 000 have currently donated towards the good cause of ending corruption by building End Citizen United. In 2017, approximately 40,000 people made their first contribution. The organization commits to making sure that the head of the campaigns is great cheerleaders of finance reforms. Those are the candidates End Citizen United is committed to electing at a Congress level. For years, members of the organization have felt abandoned with most of them holding the opinion that the rich and wealthy citizens have more influence in the United States politics. The organization is therefore committed to raising more money and developing policies geared at fighting the injustice via the congress elections. The elections are scheduled for 2018.



End Citizen United is a great supporter of Democrats. The team has an opinion that President Trump and his government undermine them. Recently, End Citizen United promoted the mobilization of contributors towards donating to Jon Ossoff’s Democratic campaign. Hailing from Georgia, Ossoff is a first-time candidate who raised more than $4 million towards the April elections. Ossoff will be filling the position of Tom Prince, former secretary of health and human services. According to Muller the president of End Citizen United, there should be careful monitoring of the trends in politics following the coming 2018 elections.



The donors for End Citizen United can contribute approximately $5,000 towards the elections. Although there is a limit for contribution, the PAC collected a relatively massive amount. This had a positive impact towards the 2016 general elections. End Citizen United additionally participates in various events other than being in support of Democratic candidates. When Betsy DeVos was being confirmed for the secretary of education position, the PAC merged with different political groups from the Republican to urge the Senate not to vote for Betsy. As a result, there was a tie with the vice president left with the decision to break it. Betsy was then appointed the secretary of education.

Betsy DeVos Recognizes Need for Improved Education Options

The idea behind educational opportunities for Betsy DeVos is something that she needs to make sure that she is doing the right way. She has created a lot of opportunities for people and has done her best to provide for students no matter what type of financial situation they are in. Because of the commitment and dedication that she has shown to students around the country, Betsy DeVos has been able to provide opportunities for them and show them that they are able to have better lives. The philanthropic efforts that she has made for students around the country have allowed her the chance to show people that they are capable of so much more than what they would normally be accustomed to. It is something that has allowed Betsy DeVos the chance to be confident in the options that she gives to students and to people who do not have a lot of economic resources.

Read more: http://nypost.com/2017/01/30/why-we-need-an-outsider-like-betsy-devos-as-education-secretary/

There are not many people in the United States who can afford a private education but that doesn’t matter to Betsy DeVos. She knows that people who are in poor economic situations would never be able to afford the chance at a private education but she wants to make sure that all children get the chance to experience that opportunity. She also wants to make sure that things are going the right way for students so that they will be able to get the best experience possible out of all of the educational opportunities that they have.

Instead of focusing on higher education like secretaries of education have done in the past, Betsy DeVos wants to make sure that children will get to the point where they can even experience that type of education. She knows that without a proper traditional education, people will never even be able to get into college. She also knows that it is necessary to be sure that the youth of the nation are able to get the educational opportunities that they need. Without the chance for private school or charter school, they will just have a poor rate public education.

Throughout the career that she has made for herself, Betsy DeVos has worked to make sure that she is doing things the right way. She has come up with voucher and charter programs for people who are in poor financial situations. No matter what their finances are like or if they are having trouble economically, they can get the best education possible with these programs. It allows them to make sure that they are getting the best experience possible and that they have the best life possible for themselves later on when they are doing different things in it. Visit betsydevos.com to know more about Betsy.