Alexandre Gama Brings Excitement to the World

Alexandre Gama knows how to create internationally appealing work that is also impactful and effects change across industry and cultural lines. For over twenty years he has consistently been awarded for his work in advertising and communications. Alexandre brings the color and excitement of his Brazilian heritage into his work. This beauty is shown through the work that he does with brands through his advertising agency Neogama.

His famous Johnnie Walker ad “Rock Giant,” was socially aware and inspirational. The groundbreaking ad featured the beautiful Sugarloaf Mountains in Rio de Janeiro, and the message “Keep Walking Brazil” resonated with people everywhere. This same attention and care to highlight the beauty of Brazilian culture is also shown through his latest venture in broadening the spectrum for acoustic Brazilian music to shine on a much larger scale. Through this company, which is called VIOLAB, Alexandre Gama utilizes radio programming, studio recording, and artist representation.

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