Whitney Wolfe Shines Light On Free Dating App In The Midst Of Premium App Frenzy

Dating apps are bountiful. People seem to be quite impressed with the way that some apps, like the one that was created by Whitney Wolfe, have thrived in recent years.

There is a surge of dating apps that are competing strongly against the ones that are considered to be premium apps. One such app is Bumble. It has been created by Whitney Wolfe as one of the free alternatives to the premium apps. This is not her first.

There is a wave of premium versus free concepts on the web. There is an old saying that the best things in life are free. This is contradictory to the saying that you get what you pay for. People have tried to rationalize that the premium apps for dating are better. These certainly have more advertisements to lure customers. Whitney Wolfe, however, has maintained since co-founding Tinder that the concept of the free app is better. She started with Tinder and she moved on to create Bumble. Whitney Wolfe always continued and pushed forth with a free app. That is the thing that has changed everything for the dating industry. The free apps are getting much more lip service from fans than the dating apps.

Many people are thrilled about what is happening in the dating app industry. Bumble is the fresh app that has managed to put women in a place of power. Whitney Wolfe is the feminist that has started this movement. It is all very interesting to see how this apps shines as more people sign up. More than 11 million people are registered as users on the Bumble app. It is fresh and easily appealing to the young crowd of millennials. It is designed as one of the most intriguing apps of this generation because women are in charge.