Tammy Mazzocco; The Excellent Real Estate Broker

Tammy Mazzocco has held a long time passion for real estate. However, a manager she worked under was the reason she sought a license to operate in the business. The supervisor was a property development dealer at the time.

To upsurge her productivity, Tammy starts out with light physical activities. She then proceeds to carry out the most urgent tasks like answering calls and replying to mail. Moreover, she ignores activities that she does not like such as cold pitching. Before she implements an idea, she conducts a thorough feasibility test to gauge its viability and sustainability.

Tammy attributes her success to dividing her goals into simple steps. She revealed on her Twitter page that by apportioning her objectives into specified time periods, it makes them easier to accomplish. Also, she disclosed that face-to-face interaction with clients impresses her. By meeting one-on-one, the probability of making a sale grows exponentially.

According to Tammy Mazzocco’s ideamensch statement, entrepreneurs should handle clients’ investments as they would treat their own. They should focus on giving their best to the customer rather than prioritizing profits. She also advised business people to be relentless in their endeavors and work without fearing failure.

In conclusion, Tammy reiterated the necessity of following up clients. She endorsed Follow Up Boss, a software she uses to keep in touch with her customers when making transactions.

About Tammy Mazzocco

Tammy Mazzocco is an esteemed Homes and property development dealer. She has spent her entire career in the real estate industry. Her first job was at The Edwards Realty Company, where she was a secretary.

In 1995, Tammy Mazzocco decided to become a fully-fledged realtor. Her decision was influenced by Ken Cook, who was her boss at Scotland Yard Condominiums. Since then, Tammy has worked for several prominent firms. Later, she joined Judy Gang & Associates, where she became close to Judy Gang who has since become her mentor. Currently, she sells properties in Delaware and Central Ohio.